1. Kai Leng, Tallis, Varric, Fenris, Isabella and Bethany Hawke playing Dance Central 3.

    They’re sexy and they know it!

  2. Group Cosplay Week (Day 6):

    (Left to right) Varric, Marian Hawke, Fenris and Isabela from Dragon Age 2

    Cosplayers: virusq (Varric), Sheila (Marian Hawke), Sylar (Fenris) and Allegra (Isabela)
    Photographer: David Difuntorum

  3. So, umm… Remember that Isabella cosplay, that we had on Sexy Friday of Dragon Age week? I guess, you do. It seems like we found an author of it. And I proudly can speak her Tumblr nickname: subitoallegra. Welcome! :)

    You know… I hate photos without the source URL -_- So, if you know the author / source of cosplay / photo, just sent me a link to him through ask form.

    Finally, justice has triumphed :)

    Varric (left) and Isablella (right) from Dragon Age 2

    (Source: captainallegra)