1. Sudden Post

    Art Nouveau Chun Li (designed by Razvan-Sedekiah) from Street Fighter

    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW / TM / TW / dA]
    Photographer: Martin Wong [dA / FB]


    Martin Wong, the awesome photographer, is selling posters with beautiful landscapes and precious cosplayers. All proceeds go to a charity (Red Cross). All of the prints will be printed at 12” x 18” and will be shipped anywhere within USA.

    All the pictures and information can be found at event page and Martin Wong FaceBook page

    You can purchase posters via StoreEnvy’s page.


  2. Sudden Post

    Nightingale (in Nightingale Armor with a Sabre Cat Pelt) from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Cosplayer: Beebichu
    Photographer: Andrew Snucins Photography

  3. Sudden Photoset

    Marceline from Adventure Time

    Cosplayer: Red Cappy
    Photographer: Ays