1. Supergirl from DC Comics Universe

    Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri [WW | TW]
    Photographer: Sweet Sensation Photography [TM / TW /dA / FB]

  2. Oh, I’m bored out of my skull, let’s have a Lady’s Sunday. Bow down before our Lady! :з

    Ivy Valentine from Soulcalibur 5

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographer: LJinto

  3. Fresh Cosplay!

    Female Assassin from Assassin’s Creed 3

    Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri [Web / Twitter / Facebook]
    Photographer: Larry Alan Photography [Web / Facebook]

  4. EVA from Metal Gear Solid 3 

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [ WW | DA | TW ]
    Photographer: LJinto

  5. Submission Time!

    Kakashi (sexy no jutsu version) from Naruto

    Cosplayer: Danielle Martins [ FB | WoC | dA | TM ]
  6. Reblog’n’Rare cosplay time!

    Lillian Vess from Magic The Gathering

    Photographer: geoectomy

    (Source: mtgfan)

  7. Fresh cosplay!

    Wonder Woman from DC Comics

    Cosplayer: Oniksiya Sofinikum [dA]
    Photographer: Souru Photo

  8. Submission Time!

    Nami (Alabasta version) from One Piece

    Cosplayer: NAOKI [Tumblr | deviantArtFacebook]

  9. Cammy (in M. Bison costume) from Street Fighter

    Cosplayer: KatyBear [Web | Tumblr | deviantArt | Cosplay.com | Facebook]
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

  10. Fresh Cosplay!

    Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2

    Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri [Web | Twitter]
    Photographer: Anna Fischer [Flickr | Twitter]

  11. So… One more thing that need to be done before Cosplay Blog can finally start living in its 3rd year. =)

    Let’s welcome our new Lady Cosplay Blog 2012-2013 - beautiful Crystal Graziano! You will see her as Ms. Marvel every time you’ll see our posts in your dashboard. Yay! =)

    Moonstone (cosplaying Ms. Marvel… Cosplayception!) from Marvel Comics

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographer: Martin Wong [deviantArt | Facebook]

  12. Lady Cosplay Blog 2011-2012 Week (Surprise!):

    Baroness from G.I. Joe
    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW / TM / TW / dA]
    Photographer: Anna Fischer [WW / TW / FL]
  13. Fresh Cosplay!

    Black Cat from Marvel Comics

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [WW / TM / TW / dA]
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography [FB]
  14. Lady Cosplay Blog 2011-2012 Week (Day 6):

    Art Nouveau Chun Li (designed by Razvan-Sedekiah) from Street Fighter
    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW / TM / TW / dA]
    Photographer: Martin Wong [dA / FB]
  15. Lady Cosplay Blog 2011-2012 Week (Day 5):

    Catwoman from Batman: Arkham City

    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW | TM | dA]
    Photographer: Elysiam Entertainment [WW | FB]