1. Black Widow from Marvel

    Cosplayer: Rebecca Denise [Twitter | Facebook]
    Photographer: Leonard Jinto

  2. Group Cosplay Week (Day 7):

    (Left to Right) Lady Hawkeye, Black Widow, Lady Captain America, Lady Hulk, Iron Lady, Agent Coulson, Lady Thor and Lady Loki from Avengers

    Cosplayers: Megan Turney [Web | Twitter] (Lady Hawkeye), Rebecca Denise [Twitter | Facebook] (Black Widow), LoveLoveLace (Lady Captain America), Raychul Moore (Lady Hulk), Amanda Avery (Iron Lady), Jessica Muchow (Agent Coulson), Abby Dark-Star [Web | Twitter | deviantArt | Facebook] (Lady Thor) and Scruffy Rebel (Lady Loki)
    Photographer: Onigun [Web | Twitter | Flickr]

  3. Onigun Week (Day 3):

    Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Cosplayer: Rebecca Denise
    Photographer: Onigun [Web | Twitter | Flickr]

  4. Tumblr Fandoms Week (My Little Pony Day)

    Pinkie Pie: I can also think inside the chimney. Can you think inside a chimney? 
    Applejack: Uh… 
    Pinkie Pie: I didn’t think so. 

    Pinkie Pie (left) and Spike (right) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Cosplayers: Becky Young (Pinkie Pie) and J. Lance Moose (Spike)
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography