1. Liliana Vess from Magic the Gathering

    Cosplayer: Aranel Cosplay [TM / TW / DA / FB]
    Photographer: So Say We All Photography [DA / FB]
  2. Chandra Nalaar from Magic: The Gathering

    Cosplayer: Brittany of Punished Props’
    Photographer: Soulfire Photography [WW / TM / dA / FB]

  3. Reblog’n’Rare cosplay time!

    Lillian Vess from Magic The Gathering

    Photographer: geoectomy

    (Source: mtgfan)

  4. Fresh Cosplay!

    Jace Beleren (Female Version) from Magic The Gathering

    Cosplayer: Eternal-Aranel [Tumblr | deviantART | World Cosplay]

  5. mtgfan:


    3D Cosplay - Autostereograms

    No glasses needed! Two near-identical shots taken side by side, view by crossing your eyes until the two overlap - if this hurts try sitting further back or making the image smaller - it can take some practice but is awesome when it works!

    Another shot of my Jace cosplay by the amazingly talented Nert

    Female Jace Beleren - Magic the Gathering

    Cosplayer: eternal0aranel

    Design inspired by the wonderful art of makimonstrous and polishtamales

    Took me a little bit, but try to merge it so that there’s a third Fem!Jace in the middle and you’ll get it.

    It’s just… brilliant!