1. Submission Weekend!

    Princess Peach(left on photo #1) and Princess Daisy(right on photo #1) from Super Mario Bros.


    • [Submitter] faybulous (Princess Peach)
    • Jongin (Princess Daisy)

    Photographer: Dan

  2. Legendary Week (Day 3):

    Steampunk Rosalina (left) and Steampunk Princess Peach (right) from Super Mario Galaxy

    Legendary Post: Princess Peach from Mario


    Photographer: Z-Studios
  3. Gaming Week #4 (Aftermath Day):

    Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

    Cosplayer: La Esmeralda [WW / DA / FB]
    Photographer: Ashtray Arts Photography
  4. Submission Saturday!

    Lady Mario from Super Mario

    Cosplayer & Submittier: Eryn SophiaFB / TW / WW ]
    Photographer: Stray ThingsFB / WW ]

  5. Lady Mario from Super Mario Bros.

    Cosplayer & Submitter: Riri [DA / FB]
    Photographer: Elite Cosplay [WW / FB]

  6. Princess Rosalina from Mario Kart Wii

    Cosplayer: jj-dreamworldz
    Photographer: Reika-Mishima

  7. Princess Daisy (left) and Princess Rosalina (right) from Mario Kart Wii


    Photographer: Weatherstone

  8. Fresh Cosplay!

    Princess Peach from Mario

    Cosplayer: elliria
    Photographer: Darkain Multimedia [WW / TM / TW / dA]

  9. Gender Switch Week (Day 2):

    Lady Mario (left) and Lady Luigi (right) from Super Mario Bros.

    Photographer: Onigun [Web | Twitter | Flickr]

  10. Double Week. Cosplay for a Cause (Web | Twitter) [Day 4]

    Femme-Mario cosplayed by Meagan-Marie (Web)

  11. Mushroom Kingdom Armed Forces. It consists of (from left to right) Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach and Mario.

    Well… It’s kinda… awesome, you know…

  12. Sorry pals, I wasn’t at home yesterday. So today I give you a double cosplay as my excuse. Here’s the Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

  13. Our Princess is in Cosplay Blog! Yup! Today Princess Peach is in our blog, not in Another Castle. Pink-ish. With umbrella.

  14. Happy birthday, Mario! It’s 25 years, but you’re still hardcore as hell. Horray!