1. Fresh Cosplay!

    Super Vanellope (original re-design of Vanellope von Schweetz) from Wreck-It Ralph

    Cosplayer: Anti Ai-chan [TW / FB / AC]
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography [FB]

  2. Lady’s Fresh Cosplay!

    Poison Ivy (Shiny Original Design) from DC Universe

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [WW / TM / TW / DA]
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography [FB]

  3. Gaming Week #4 (Fresh Cosplay):

    Artist from Prime World

    Cosplayer: .Asuka.
    Photographer: Sketch_Turner

  4. Gaming Week #4 (Fresh Cosplay!)

    Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2

    Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri [WW / TW / FB]
    Photographer: Martin Wong [WW / TW / FB]

  5. Fresh Cosplay!

    Aphrodite IX from Aphrodite IX comic book series

    Cosplayer: Hannuki [dA]
    Photographer: DOOMer [dA]

  6. Fresh Cosplay!

    Gaige the Mechromancer (red hair) and Tiny Tina (white hair) from Borderlands 2


    • Elena Kuranova of Love Squad [ VK / DA ] (Gaige the Mechromancer)
    • agewa (Tiny Tina)

    Photographer: JustMoolti

  7. Fresh Cosplay!

    Alsoomse (a.k.a. The Independent) from Assassin’s Creed III

    Cosplayer: Enayla Cosplay [TM / TW / dA / FB]
    Photographer: Sweet Sensation Photography [TM / TW / dA / FB]

  8. Fresh Cosplay

    Nilin from Remember Me

    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

  9. Double Fresh Cosplay!

    White Phoenix (left) and Dark Phoenix (right) from Marvel Comics


    • Destiny Nickelsen [WW / TM / TW / dA] (White Phoenix)
    • Psyfrost [TMdA /  FB]


    • Martin Wong [dA / FB] (White Phoenix)
    • Sebastian Gambolati [WW / dA] (Dark Phoenix)
  10. Fresh Cosplay!

    Fiora from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW / TM / TW / dA]
    Photographer: Elysiam Entertainment [WW | FB]

  11. Fresh Cosplay!

    Zero (standing, in the background) and Maya from Borderlands 2


    Photographer: Jesús Clares [WW / FB]

  12. Fresh Cosplay!

    Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) from Batman

    Cosplayer: Katie Cosplays [WW / TW / FB]
    Photographer: Joseph Chi Lin [WW / FB]

  13. Fresh Cosplay!

    Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite

    Cosplayer: Miss Wendybird
    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

  14. Fresh Cosplay!

    Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographer: Big White Bazooka [WebFacebook]

  15. Fresh Cosplay!

    Female Assassin from Assassin’s Creed 3

    Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri [Web / Twitter / Facebook]
    Photographer: Larry Alan Photography [Web / Facebook]