1. Silk Spectre from Watchmen

    Cosplayer: Miss Wendybird
    Photographer: JwaiDesign [WW | DA | FB]
  2. Oh… wait, what? What do you mean today is the last day of Birthday Weeks? You must be kidding me, this can’t be. Oh, it is. :C

    So be it! Cheer up and let me welcome you to the 5th season of Cosplay Blog! It’s be awesome, you’ll see. ;)

    Legendary Week (The Aftermath Day):

    Wonder Woman from DC Universe

    Cosplayer: Valeriya Darkelf
    Photographer: JustMoolti [WW | DA | FL | VK]
  3. All hail the Lady! \o/

    Birthday Weeks | Lady Cosplay Blog 2013-2014 Week (Day 1):

    Atomic Wonder Woman from Infinite Crisis

    Cosplayer: Meagan Marie [WW | TM | DA | TW]
    Photographer: Martin Wong [WW | TW | FB]
  4. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Platinum Day):

    Batman (left) and Supergirl (right) from DC Universe


    • Kirk Wayne (Batman)
    • Chiquitita Cosplay [DA | FB] (Supergirl)
    Photographer: DNM5555
  5. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Platinum Day):

    Batman (in front) and Harley Quinn (in helmet, happy) from DC Universe

    Cosplayer: Enasni Volz [TM | DA | TW | FB] (Harley Quinn)
    Photographer: TheXHunter08 [DA | FB]
  6. Power Girl from DC Comics

    Cosplayer: EnjiNight [DA | TW | FB | IN]
    Photographer: Danarki [WW | TW | FB | IN]
  7. Submission Weekend!

    Harley Quinn (left on #1) and Joker (right on #1) from DC Universe


    • Harley’s Joker [FB / SE(Joker)
    • Joker’s Harley [FB / SE(Harley Quinn)
  8. Comedian (genderbent version) from Watchmen

    Cosplayer: TemplarAgent18
    Photographer: AnimazeGuy-photosNXS [WW | FB]
  9. Harley Quinn from DC Comics

    Cosplayer: Fai89
    Photographer: Zaikoor [DA | FB]
  10. Wonder Woman from DC Comics

    Cosplayer: Eve Beauregard [WW | TW | FB]
    Photographer: Rachel Lewis Photography [WW | TM | DA | FB]
  11. Nightwing from Young Justice

    Cosplayer: Grayson Fin [TM | DA | TW | VK]
    Photographer: Ping Timeout [TM | DA | TW | FL]
  12. Submission Weekend!

    Duela Dent from DC Comics’ Ame-comi Girls

    Cosplayer/Submitter: Foxxi Loxxi Cosplay [TM / TWFB / IN]
    Photographer: Volk Photography

  13. Harley Quinn Bombshell reference picture

    So, another day — another ask! Any advices?

  14. Submission Weekend!

    Huntress from DC Universe

    Cosplayer/Submitter: Victoria Cosplay [WW / TW / FB]
    Photographer: Green House Photography [DA / FB]

    Additional Credits:

  15. Submission Weekend!

    Harley Quinn from Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Cosplayer/Submitter: MickeyJedi [TM / DA]
    Photographer: AtlantisDragon