1. Submission Weekend!

    Dante from Devil May Cry

    Cosplayer/Submitter: mattashi
    Photographer: arkhamhorror

  2. Submision Weekend!

    Lady Dante from Devil May Cry 2

    Cosplayer / Submitter: Dalish [DA /TW / FB / WO]

  3. Submission Saturday!

    Dante Alighieri (left) and Beatrice, Queen of Hell (right) from Dante’s Inferno

    Cosplayers / Submitters:

    Photography: Rachel Amendola

  4. Gaming Week #3 (Day 4):

    Dante from Dante’s Inferno

    Photographer: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

  5. Submission Time!

    Dante from Devil May Cry 3

    Cosplayer: Abessinier
    Photographer: Carsten Klein