1. Cosplay Kickstarter News!

    Eric Ng (as known as Big White Bazooka) launched Kickstarter for his book titled Project: Bazooka:

    My name is Eric Ng.  I am a cosplay photographer.  I have been taking photos at conventions for over 7 years and I am excited to share with the world all the talents that I have encountered.  Cosplay allows for fans to create costumes to show their passion and support for anime series, video games, as well as artwork.  

    I have traveled the world and made countless friends who have the same enthusiasm as I do in cosplay.  I wish to share our stories with you.  The best way that I can pay homage to these talented individuals is by producing my book titled Project: Bazooka.  It is a full color 156 page book featuring over 65 cosplayers

    You can support Eric by pledging $10 or more (Note: you’ll get a signed copy of a book if you pledge $35 or more) on the project’s page.

  2. Birthday Weeks | Lady Cosplay Blog 2012-2013 Week (Day 6):

    Pris from Blade Runner

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [WW / TM / TW / DA]
    Photographer: BigWhiteBazooka Photography [WW / TW / DA / FB]
  3. Lady Sephiroth (standing, left), Lady Cloud (standing, right) and Cid (sitting) from Final Fantasy VII


    Photographer: Big White Bazooka [WW / TM / TW / dA]

  4. Lady’s Sunday

    Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographers: BigWhiteBazooka (#1), Martin Wong (#2, #3)

  5. Fresh Cosplay!

    Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographer: Big White Bazooka [WebFacebook]

  6. SoSo from Web Koihime Musou

    Cosplayer: nihilistique
    Photographer: Big White Bazooka

  7. So, the first Birthday Week is over! Thanks, Crystal!

    Crystal Week [Web | Twitter | deviantArt(Surprise Day)

    Sephiroth (Female Version)from Final Fantasy VII

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
    Photographers: Mike Rollerson (#1, #2), Big White Bazooka (#3, #4), Tiffany Jing Crawford (#5)

    P.S. Oh, by the way, today we’ll post one more cosplay, from the next Themed Week. Stay tuned! ;)

  8. Crystal Week [Web | Twitter | deviantArt(Day 6)

    Venus fromMetal Gear Ac!d 2

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
    Photographer: Big White Bazooka

  9. Crystal Week [Web | Twitter | deviantArt(Day 4)

    Laughing Beauty from Metal Gear Solid 4

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
    Photographers: LJinto (#1, #3), Big White Bazooka (#2, #4, #5)

  10. Crystal Week [Web | Twitter | deviantArt(Day 3)

    Mourningstar from Firefall

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
    Photographers: Martin Wong (#1), Big White Bazooka (#2, #5, #6), Vang Her (#3), Eurobeat Kasumi Photography (#4)

  11. Crystal Week [Web | Twitter | deviantArt] (Sexy Monday)

    Isabella “Ivy” Valentine from SoulCalibur V
    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano
    Photographers: Big White Bazooka (#1, #2, #3, #5), Martin Wong (#4)
  12. Venus from Metal Gear Acid 2

    Cosplayer: Crystal Graziano [Web | Twitter | deviantArt]
    Photographer: Big White Bazooka [Web | Twitter | Facebook]

  13. Double Week. Crystal Graziano (Web | deviantArt | Twitter) [Day 4]

    EVA from Metal Gear Solid (photo by Big White Bazooka)