1. Mass Effect Week (Day 2):

    The Illusive Man from Mass Effect 2

  2. Dragon Age Week (Surprise) Mass Effect Week (Day 1):

    - You know what, Shepard? This is my week, not yours!
    - It was yours, and now it’s mine, Hawke. You should go.

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right and your eyes don’t deceive you. Next 7 days will be Mass Effect Week! Yay!

  3. Dragon Age Week (Day 7 | Unusual Cosplay):

    Flemeth and her daughter Morrigan are playing Dragon Age 2 demo at PAX.

  4. Dragon Age Week (Day 6):

    Leliana from Dragon Age

  5. Dragon Age Week (Day 5):

    Isabella from Dragon Age 2

  6. Dragon Age Week (Day 4):

    Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins

  7. Dragon Age Week (Day 3):

    Zevran Arainai from Dragon Age Origins

  8. Dragon Age Week (Day 2):

    Flemeth a.k.a. Witch of the Wilds from Dragon Age 2

  9. As you have already seen (and maybe even guess what the theme will be) in the Themed Week Teaser, this week will be Dragon Age Week. 7 awesome cosplays. All about Dragon Age Universe.

    Dragon Age Week (Day 1):

    Lady Hawke from Dragon Age 2