Submit Cosplay

Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you! From now on you can submit your cosplay photos and maybe even see yourself on Submission Saturday! Yay!

Just one thing before you send a post to Cosplay Blog: don’t forget to mention the character’s name and the name of the game / anime / movie / whatever this character is from. Provide correct character(s) name(s), name of universe or fandom and links to photographer and cosplayers (or to source on deviantART, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) Don’t forget to mention your role (e.g. you took the photo or you are the cosplayer, or you made a costume), because we accept submissions only from authors (cosplayers or photographers). When you send your photo to us you give us a permission to post it in Cosplay Blog.

After passing blog’s Quality Control System and some amount of time your post will be featured on Submission Saturday. =)