1. Submit Cosplay

    Yep, your eyes don’t deceive you! From now on you can submit your cosplay photos and maybe even see yourself on Submission Weekend! Yay!

    Don’t forget to mention the character’s name and the name of the game / anime / movie / fandom this character is from. Provide correct character(s) name(s), name of universe or fandom and links to photographer and cosplayers (or to source on deviantART, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) Don’t forget to mention your role (e.g. you took the photo or you are the cosplayer, or you made a costume), because we accept submissions only from authors (cosplayers or photographers). When you send your photo to us you give us a permission to post it in Cosplay Blog.

    Just one more thing before you send a submission to Cosplay Blog (I always wanted to say this, ‘cause I feel myself guilty every single time I choose submissions to post):

    Please, please don’t think that if we don’t post your submission in a while it means that your cosplay is bad and you are bad too. These are terrible things to say. Sometimes we can just forget to post stuff (e.g. we were busy on weekend or didn’t have Internet access), sometimes your submission just wasn’t approved. But let’s be clear and honest: it doesn’t mean anything, okay? Cosplay is for everyone, everyone must do cosplay if they feel they want to! If you like your costume, if you like your photos, then don’t listen to anyone (and especially to those who hasn’t posted your submission!) Single blog’s decision on not posting your submission must not affect you in any ways! In the end, we’re all humans, we all make mistakes.

    Create, cosplay and do whatever you like and submit your photos to us. We’re happy to see your submissions.

    And may the luck be with you. ;)