Let me say it out loud: our Lady for season 2013-2014 is Meagan Marie! Yay! =)

Her cosplays are always great and epic. Her contribution to cosplay community can’t be measured (let me just mention her post What would you do if you weren’t afraid? that inspired a lot of people all over the world to start Cosplay =/= Consent movement and speak about this b… no, huge problem freely and openly). She is strong, she is brave, she is motivational and she is fantastically beautiful. That’s why she will be our symbol for this year. I promise, this year will be great. =)

Oh, and let me share how Meagan played a big role in my life and life of Cosplay Blog, without even knowing about it. =) Back in 2010, when Cosplay Blog did not exist and I was just an average Internet surfer, I was looking through Kotaku and saw a post with her genderbent Prince of Persia cosplay… well… I came up with a thought that I must share it with others, that others must see this on their dashboards. Next day I decided to find another cosplay to post. After week of non-stop search’n’share process I decided to make a blog where I can collect the best cosplays, so everyone can see them and share them with others.

So, you can say that Meagan had a great impact on me and was one of the reasons I’ve started a blog back in 2010. =)

And now, we can return to our normal mode. Meagan and, of course, you, my dear followers, welcome to the 4th season of Cosplay Blog!

Everything is just begun. ;)

Photos by LJinto (#1, #2, #3, #4), Downward Viral (#5) and Benny Lee (#6)

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