1. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Marvel Day):

    Death (left) and Deadpool (right) from Deadpool

    Cosplayer: Soylent Cosplay [DA | FB]
    Photographer: Charmaine Morgan Photography [WW | TW | FLFB ]
  2. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Marvel Day):

    Loki Laufeyson from Thor: The Dark World

    Cosplayer: TheIdeaFix [WW | DA | VK]
    Photographer: Pugoffka-sama [DA | FB | VK]
  3. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Game of Thrones Day):

    Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

    Cosplayer: Alberto Chaves Fernández [DA | TW | FB]
    Photographer: WhiteLemon [DA | FB]

    Additional Credits:

    • Edit: Jonathan Gonzalez Duran [WW | DA]
  4. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (Game of Thrones Day):

    Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones

    Cosplayer: Kapalaka [DA | FB]
    Photographer: Bentpic5 [FL | FB]
  5. Themed Submission Time!

    Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (League of Legends Day):

    Katarina (Classic Skin) from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Maruwins
    Photographer/Submitter: Detrust Photography

  6. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (League of Legends Day):

    Caitlyn (Classic Skin, genderbent version) from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Moderately Okay Cosplay
    Photographer: David Ngo [WW | TW | FL | FB]
  7. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (League of Legends Day):

    Vi (Classic Skin, genderbent version) from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Ryan Brandt Cosplay [TW | FB | IN]
    Photographer: David Ngo [WW | TW | FL | FB]
  8. Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (My Little Pony Day):

    Pinkie Pie (Gala Dress, right on #1) and Twilight Sparkle (Gala Dress, left on #1) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


    • Hamano—Ayumi [TM | DA] (Pinkie Pie)
    • rosieru-chan [WW | TM | DA] (Twilight Sparkle)
    Photographer: Jack Liu [WW | DA | FL]
  9. Let the Fandom Week begins!

    Birthday Weeks | Fandoms Week (My Little Pony Day):

    Rarity (right on #1) and Sweetie Belle (left on #1) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Cosplayer: CookieKabuki [DA | TW | FB | IN]
    Photographer: milkydayy [TM | DA]
  10. So, Alive Week is over. Phew! It was quite a challenge. Fun fact: for this week 52 GIFs were made. It’s, like, more than I made in my whole Tumblr life, I’m pretty honest right know. :D

    But, anyway, every single frame of these 52 GIFs was totally worth it. You can call it my little tribute (as blogger) to every single person in the cosplay community (or should I say universe?). It’s awesome when you have a chance to see cosplayers in action, to see how they’re living their characters or how they’re just doing silly and funny things, but mostly: how they are all epic and awesome.

    I want to thank all the videographers and all the cosplayers. You, guys, are great.

    Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Aftermath Day):

    Videographer: Acksons Creatives [WW | FB | YT] (Source Video)

  11. namibean:

    I love Yaya Han; I think she is an awesome cosplayer. But I am insanely curious on how she got that crown to stay on her

    I love her too, she’s awesome. Oh, yeah, and… about the crown…

    You can read the whole “How it was made” post on her site. Long story short, though: crown has magnets that match magnets sewn into her wig. You can even see the moment when these magnets are attracted to each other in the source video (it’s, like, somewhere near the 46th second of it).

  12. Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Final Day):

    Red Queen of Hearts from Alice: Madness Returns
    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW | DA | TW | FB]
    Videographer: MLZ Studios [YT | TW | FB] (Source Video)
  13. Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #6):

    Deadpool and Shiklah from Marvel Universe


    • D-Piddy [TW | FB] (Deadpool)
    • Jenki [TW | FB] (Shiklah)
    • Many-many others :)
    Videographer: Chris Cayabyab
    D-Piddy (Source Video)
  14. Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #5):

    Aurora from Child of Light

    Cosplayer/Musician: Lindsey Stirling [WW | TW | FB | YT]
    Videographer: FifGen Films [WW | TW | FB | YT] (Source Video)
  15. Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #4):

    Moon Moxxi (on GIF #1), Lilith (on GIF #2), Red and Purple Mad Moxxi (on GIF #3) and Handsome Jackie (on GIF #4) from Borderlands


    • Jessica Nigri [TW | FB] (Moon Moxxi)
    • Lindsay Elyse [TM | TW | FB | IN] (Lilith)
    • Gogo Incognito [TW | FB | IN] (Red Mad Moxxi, with megaphone)
    • Enasni Volz [TM | DA | TW | FB] (Purple Mad Moxxi, with tip jar)
    • Lisa Lou Who [WW | TW | FB] (Handsome Jackie)

    Videographer: The Sneaky Zebra [YT | TM | TW | FB] (Source Video)