1. Submission Weekend!

    Original Charizard Battle Suit based on Charizard from Pokemon 

    Cosplayer/Crafter/Submitter: TheFinalEndeavour
    Photographer/Edit: Xwickedgames

  2. Submission Weekend!

    Astrid Hofferson from How to Train Your Dragon 2

    Cosplay/Submitter: TayDuffers [TM / DA / FB]
    Photographer: Kris Byers Photography [TM / FB]

  3. Submission Weekend!

    Dante from Devil May Cry

    Cosplayer/Submitter: mattashi
    Photographer: arkhamhorror

  4. Moon Moxxi from Borderlands Pre-Sequel

    Cosplayer: Siren’s Belle [FB | IN]
    Photographer: beethy [DA | FB | SE
  5. Miss Fortune (Arcade skin) from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Yaya Han [WW | DA | TW | FB]
    Photographer: Kamui Cosplay [WW | DA | TW | FB]

    Additional Credits:

    • Wig: Arda Wigs
    • Guns (crafting): Junkers Cosplay Inc. [TM | TW | FB]
    • Guns (paint job): FantasyNinja [WW | FB] & Benni
  6. Return of the Submission Weekend!

    Nurse from Silent Hill

    Cosplayer/Submitter: Samantha Wilson
    Photographer: Alexander Adrian Gray

  7. Tira from Soul Calibur V

    Cosplayer: Gellariot [DA | VK]
    Photographer: Pugoffka-sama [DA | FB | VK]
  8. Return of the Submission Weekend!

    Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Cosplayer/Submitter: Lady Ragdoll [TM / DA / FB]
    Photographer: Stefano Corradi

  9. Return of the Submission Weekend! Yay!

    Miss Fortune (Arcade skin) from League of Legends

    Cosplayer: Luna Lockheart Cosplay
    Photographer/Submitter: JMJ83 [DA | FB]

    Submitter’s comment:

    This was shot at the EB Gaming Expo in the retro gaming area. No flashes or outside light was used. Just a whole lot of LoL inspired cocktails and some imagination!

  10. Batman (on photo #1) and Robin (on photo #2) from DC Universe (Western style)


    Photographer: Mineralblu Photography [WW | TW | FB]
  11. A-a-and we still have one thing we need to do before we can start to live our 5th year. We need a Lady for this year.

    Allow me to introdu… oh, guys, I bet you already know her pretty well and I don’t even need to introduce her to you.

    Okay, okay, I’ll give ya few tips. So. She had a whole Themed Week devoted to her. One more? Okay. She did Amazing Sirens from Borderlands, Commander Shepard and Tali from Mass Effe… aha! Told you, you know her!

    Then let me say it out loud: The Lady of Cosplay Blog for Season V (2014-2015) is wonderful Laura as know as Nebulaluben. Ta-da-a-a! \:D/

    Laura is very kind, cute and absolutely amazing cosplayer. You all saw her gorgeous sirens from Borderlands (if you didn’t, then ohmygosh, you totally should do it now). Not so long ago Laura also has began translating her great and detailed tutorials to English (for example, this and this). I reallyreallyreally want and I wish so hard that this year will be very productive and awesome for our Lady.

    And I hope it will be productive and awesome for us all as well. :)

    Sincerely yours, Cosplay Blog.

    Commander Shepard (in custom armor) from Mass Effect 3

    Cosplayer: Nebulaluben [WW | TM | DA | TW]
    Photographer: Jesús Clares [WW | TW | FL | FB]

    Additional Credits:

    • Black Widow Sniper Rifle: Skullopathy [WW | DA | TW | FB]
  12. Reblog Time!


    Disney’s Queen Elsa Frozen - Inspired Makeup Tutorial & Disney’s Princess Anna Frozen - Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Ellend Muzzakky

    Remember when we were asked about how to cosplay while wearing hijab? For all who were interested (and areinterestedin this topic: here’s one of the way of doing this.

    (Oh, and these videos are also pretty great makeup tutorials)

    Tagged #reblog #gif
  13. Oh… wait, what? What do you mean today is the last day of Birthday Weeks? You must be kidding me, this can’t be. Oh, it is. :C

    So be it! Cheer up and let me welcome you to the 5th season of Cosplay Blog! It’s be awesome, you’ll see. ;)

    Legendary Week (The Aftermath Day):

    Wonder Woman from DC Universe

    Cosplayer: Valeriya Darkelf
    Photographer: JustMoolti [WW | DA | FL | VK]
  14. R&R Art Group strikes back! Remember how their Harley Quinn took the Platinum Post Award back in 2012? And here they are again: Ryoko Demon and her amazingly crafted Captain Amelia raised the bar up to sky and beyond and deserved Platinum Post Award as well as Legendary Post 2014 Award! Yay! ^D^

    Legendary Week (Platinum Day):

    Rogue from X-Men Comics

    Legendary Post: Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet

    Legendary Awards:

    • Platinum Post
    • Legendary Post 2014

    Cosplayer: Ryoko Demon [DA | TW | FB]
    Photographer: Kifir [DA | FL

  15. Legendary Week (Silver Day | Submission Day):

    Malthael from Diablo III: The Reaper of Souls

    Cosplayer/Submitter: SakuraFlame
    Photographer: Anstellos